Cryotec Products

The Cryotec Method The Safest and Most Effective Cryopreservation Method in the World with a 100% survival rate.

The Cryotec Method is a vitrification system used to safely cryopreserve and thaw oocytes and embryos at any stage. This method allows us to achieve 100% survival after thawing, which is one of the best indicators of the safety of cryopreservation. REPROLIFE began to spread this method globally in 2012, and it has been applied to hundreds of thousands of clinical cases in over 70 countries. In each country, the Cryotec Method has been able to significantly improve the clinical data of IVF centers and facilities that had previously been using the “slow freezing” method and other conventional systems of vitrification


For 1 patient (3 times of Vitrification)

These miracle formulas keep oocytes and embryos safe and intact, with the highest viscosity and lowest concentrations of DMSO and EG cryoprotectants.


for 1 patient/up to 3 eggs

Designed to maximize the probability of post-thaw survival backed by our robust protocol.


for 10 applications

For users of Cryotec Solutions in large volumes


for 5 applications

Guarantees the best results time after time.

Cryotech Straws

10 straws

Select your favorite color for the eggs’ safest journey home.

Warming Plates

Set of 10

A bundle of 10 Warm Plates

Vitrification Plates

Set of 10

A bundle of 10 Vitri Plates.

Cooling Rack

Compact liquid nitrogen container

A traditional compact liquid nitrogen bath perfect for the Cryotec protocols.

Male-Factor Pak

MFP is a specimen collection condom which allows patients to obtain high-quality semen samples for fertility and sterility testing and for use in other assisted reproductive technologies

By allowing patients to collect a specimen during intercourse, it provides a more natural alternative to yesterdays tradition.


Pre-Seed is the first lubricant specifically designed for use at intercourse that has non spermicidal qualities

It is an excellent lubricant for the male to use under the MFP since the MFP is a dry, non-lubricated condom. And because it is non-spermicidal, it DOES NOT negatively impact the specimen.


The new counting chamber

ISAS product family for seminal analysis grows with a new tool that substantially improves preexisting counting chambers. Following the semen droplet displacement procedure, SPERMTRACK eliminates most disadvantages presented by less efficient products found in the market. SPERMTRACK design facilitates its use in the microscope and also during cleaning, manipulation and storing.


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