Plus Medical has been a part of the healthcare industry for some time in UAE and has served diverse fields such as Infertility, Gynecology, Cardiac Care, Critical Care, Anesthesia and Women's Health with a growing presence in ART

0ur objective at the Women's Health division is to deliver value with the help of quality products from leading International brands throughout the delicate process of Infertility treatment from Diagnostics to safe child birth

Plus Medical is committed to raise the standard of ART in your clinics, recently we added Cryotech Products to our Portfolio, which is the best and safest Cryopreservation method with 100% Survival rate.

PROiSER R+D is a company focused on research and development of automatic diagnostic systems. Our main line of products is ISAS (Integrated Sperm Analysis System) family, composed by CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) systems – Sperm Analyzers, re-usable and disposable counting chambers and other tools needed for sperm analysis.

Established in 1995, UNSEV has been engaged in the production and wholesale of garments.As Plus medical we focused on distributing the customized uniform for Healthcare Professionals

the Male Factor Pak (MFP) can be used for fertility testing and other treatments. This more natural method of sperm collection is recommended for couples who are experiencing male factor fertility issues or other while undergoing IUI or IVF.


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